About the Book

She Is a Pearl of Great Price is about a woman’s search for her life’s worth. In her quest for personal fulfillment, she found not only her value but her purpose in God as well. Readers will find the precious value of each individual, God’s endless love, and Jesus’s selfless sacrifice.


Brian Hoffman

Monticello, Mississippi

“Heartening. Makes the reader introspect and reflect.”

Susan McClure

Irvine, California

“This book touched my soul deeply. I recommend this to anyone who is still searching for his or her value or purpose in life.”

Michelle Cheung

Toledo, Ohio

“Baffuto is an inspiration.”

About the Author

She Is a Pearl of Great Price is Helen Anderson Baffuto’s first published book. An author with a gift for storytelling, she is working on her next book in New York, where she lives with her husband.

how does one measure one's value?


“Looking back, she has always felt that her life had little value, and that she had nothing to offer anyone. So she kept to herself; as result she was usually alone, totally alone.”

“She cries out, ‘Is there anybody out there who would value me and love me just the way I am?’”

“There you are, My Beloved; we have finally found each other.”

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