The Road to Self-Discovery

Your journey to finding yourself


Your journey to finding yourself

Sometimes, we find ourselves saying we have no idea who we are. Questioning our sense of selves is normal, even for the self-assured; constant self-doubt, however, is another story.

If you’re always lost within yourself, maybe it’s time to take a trip to self-discovery. Although this concept sounds easy on paper, real life makes it harder than it looks. Some have a blast on the journey, while others are scared to take even the smallest of steps. If you’re more of the latter, it’s nothing to worry about; it isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, nor is it a contest.

You may or may not read all those self-help books and articles. Sure, you can just forget about taking the many online personality tests floating around cyberspace. If finding yourself means going to an unfamiliar place, go for it. How you go about your journey is entirely up to you.

Whatever your methods, try to keep the following pointers in mind as you traverse your self-discovery trip:

  • Be mindful. Modern life’s hustle and bustle detaches us from ourselves. If you get too caught up in the rush, take a step back and meditate.
  • Do things that set your soul on fire. Figure out the things that make you happy and stick to them.
  • Be a listening ear. It pays to hear out the people close to us. Sometimes, they know us better than we do.
  • Find strength in struggles. Although it’s normal to feel frustrated, don’t let it get to you too much.
  • Self-love is not selfish. Choosing yourself is never a bad thing. As human as you are, give yourself some slack.
  • Commit. Finding yourself is not an overnight process. It is a life-long period of learning, so be patient and stay on for the ride.

What are your other tips for self-discovery? Don’t hesitate to share some of them. You may leave a comment below or send them over through Facebook,Twitter, and Goodreads. If you’re interested in my journey to find myself, you may grab a copy of my book, She Is a Pearl of Great Price.



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