Finding True Love

true love

Finding love is one of the hardest things to do in life and one of the more paradoxical ones. The more you go out there and look for your one true love, the more it eludes you—pushing it further away from yourself. Some say that true love waits, that you have to rely on the greater plans of the Lord for the right person to come at the right time. But what does it actually mean by finding yourself true love?

Finding love can mean finding it in our careers, which could mean finding meaning and fulfillment in what we do; friends, seeking their care and acceptance; family, for their reassurance; and partners, which can, as they say, make us whole and complete. Finding these things can be fulfilling, but they surely don’t come easy. And the real meaning of true love can be very profound—it goes very deep within us.

True love can be defined as a sense of connection and attachment that goes beyond just the physical or mental aspect of the relationship. True love is loving each other with trust, understanding, and acceptance, one that allows you to grow as a person rather than hold you back and inhibit your progress. You accept each other’s flaws and genuinely respect each other for who and what they are. You are willing to set aside your ego to see the value of your loved one and give value in return in order to form a relationship that mutually satisfies.

These things really sound so sweet, but the question now is, How do you find it? As mentioned before, it could be best to just trust God and wait for His plan to manifest. However, in order for you to be ready when that time comes, you need to find that love within yourself first. It will bring so much difference, and some say that it is the first, and arguably, the most crucial step in finding true love.

The process comes with accepting who you are; accepting everything that comes and goes within you—your thoughts, emotions, motivations, and intentions, and basically everything that makes you up as a person. Accepting oneself is a hard one, for usually, the person that we hate the most is the person that stare right at us in front of the mirror. And with hate comes a big obstacle for loving and accepting oneself. But there is one thing that could help us with this journey that allows us to make a connection to a higher power within us, to guide and bless us in this journey of self-love. And that one thing is prayer. A simple yet powerful deed that gives us the chance to connect and communicate with our Creator and ask for His blessing and guidance.

So finding true love is a long journey, and this journey starts within ourselves. But, ultimately, the greatest love that we can receive is the love from our Creator, the love from our God. When we recognize and finally find within us His love, then we begin to love ourselves, and ultimately, love others and find that true love that we deeply seek.

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