The Wonders of Pregnancy

Know these changes during pregnancy



What’s that loud thumping noise?

Oh, I just got it from the top.

It’s my heart beating.

Wow, that’s amazing!


If babies would talk inside the womb of their mother, they would say just like that. Pregnancy is an amazing stage in a woman’s life. And every pregnancy is a gift no matter how unintentional or intentional it is. It is not coincidence. It’s part of God’s plan. The Bible tells stories of unlikely pregnancies, but which come forth as God’s way of sending us His only Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ into this earth. The greatest example would be the young mother of our Lord Jesus, Mary.


I wonder how I came to be in the first place.

Oh, I just got it from the top.

I came out of love.

Wow, that’s amazing!



A woman, particularly someone who is bearing her first child, has many questions she wants to ask. This is the moment when someone from her family, say her mother, can provide support and answers to her questions. When she has doubts about her capacity to bear a child, it is important that she is not alone. Husbands should be there to love and help his wife. It is automatically understood that he will do all the “wifey” things in addition to his responsibilities as a husband.


Women’s bodies are designed to conceive. But of the approximate 6 million pregnant women, about four million women have the opportunity to give birth and raise their children.




During pregnancy, an expectant mother face changes in her body in preparation for motherhood. For example, her breasts will be larger and more tender than usual as they are getting ready to feed the baby with breastmilk. She will also experience congestion, frequent urination, bodily pains and cramps, shortness of breath, and constipation. Other changes will come as the pregnancy progresses. Mothers will also experience lactation every time they hear a baby’s cry. Emotions also change, heightened sensitivity, and constant hormonal changes affect the mood and bodily functions.


Mothers also know that amidst these difficulties, several changes also occur to her surroundings, especially in her home. Certain schedules, budgets, routines, and even eating habits should be adjusted to ensure a safe pregnancy. At this stage, expectant parents should observe precautionary measures so that the baby will be healthy and normal once it’s out. A single fault affects the development of these young ones. That it is why having babies require not only the effort of the mother but the whole family as well. This means frequent visit to their doctor, healthy food, regular exercise, and less stressful work.




To know that we are actually capable of conceiving a child and an actual person is living in our womb inside our body is in itself a wonder. It’s a wonder how a baby develops and move in our belly. It is a wonder how God designs us women to be able to carry two lives with us—the baby and ours.


But we know that nothing is impossible with God. This child is a blessing from Him, a miracle, a divine gift. They are like pearls, nourished inside an oyster. Once out, it would be the most precious gems in our home as it brings hope for the future. Pregnancy will make us realize just that.


Gee, I hope I never have to worry about

Tomorrow when I get out of here.

Oh, I just got it from the top.

I don’t have to worry about anything.

Everything will be taken care of on the outside,

just like it was on the inside.

Wow, that’s amazing!



Having babies is one of the most fulfilling moments of a woman’s life. Share your journey, and you might help someone who go through difficulties in their pregnancy. Also, you can check out my book, Oh, I Just Got It From the Top. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads for real-time updates and inspirational read.




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