The One Thing That Can Stand against His Mercy

What keeps us from receiving God’s love?

His mercy

Our God and His mercy never fail. That’s a fact.


The one thing that hinders his mercy from reaching us is not what most of us think. No, it’s not our sins, countless they may be or burdensome they may make us feel. It’s not someone else’s judgment either. Every one is capable of showing mercy, and no one is worthy enough to judge us but only God. Most importantly, it’s not even Satan who can stop us from receiving God’s mercy. Even the prince of darkness is no match against God’s power.


Then what is it?


It lies within ourselves.


There are many reasons we refuse to accept His mercy. It can be because we still don’t know Him and the mighty deeds that He is capable of doing, including granting mercy. We were raised in different homes, culture, and perspectives about God, and that is why we could not blame those who still don’t know how God shows mercy to His children.


The other reason is we already know Him but we sometimes forget who He is because we are clouded by the problems we have on health, money, or relationships. We punish ourselves for thinking too big about our struggles and too little of our God.


We can’t deny it. We liken His mercy to the standards of this world: limited, measured, scarce, rare. This is where we often fail to see. Well, here’s another fact: God is larger than anything we know. Yet He never abandons us. It is only us who keep on abandoning Him. But our God never gets tired to pursue us. That’s how unconditional His love is.


So how do we fully enjoy His mercy?


Know Him first. Read the Bible. Rediscover Him and His promise to our forefathers and our true worth as His beloved. We will be reminded of the sinners whom God has shown great love through his mercy. Some of those sinners—liars, adulterers, murderers—who encountered God and who chose to surrender their lives to Him turned great leaders, kings, prophets, and fathers of all nations.


Second, accept His mercy. We are broken in every way. We need healing. We need love. This world will not give us full healing. Only in Him will we can be healed—if only we are willing to accept Him, willing to be faithful, willing to be loved.


Rise above your fears, your sins, your doubts. Live every day always seeking His mercy. Good thing our God is a God of mercy. He never hesitates to give it to a willing heart.


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