Invaluable tips for a pregnant woman

Top pregnancy health care tips you must follow

Invaluable tips for a pregnant woman


When someone becomes pregnant, chances are she has already heard of a lot of tips for a pregnant woman like avoiding smoking, drinking, and drugs, as well as getting adequate rest, among others. However, there’re some other vital pregnancy health care tips that should be followed by every mother-to-be. Here’re some of them that can prove to be useful as a woman prepares for her baby to be born


  • Intake of nutritious food: The first one in this compilation of tips for a pregnant woman is eating nutritious and healthy food to ensure optimum mother care. It means having fresh fruits and vegetables, starchy foods like rice, bread etc, daily servings of protein like lean meat, fish, egg etc.
  • Intake of prenatal vitamins: Prenatal vitamin supplements play a vital role during pregnancy in providing the additional nutrition required for the developing fetus. These supplements are available over the counter at a majority of drug stores and can be bought using a doctor’s prescription. If taking them triggers a nauseous feel, they can be taken with a light snack or at night.
  • Doing pelvic floor exercises: The pelvic floor contains a number of muscles at the base of the pelvis. These muscles that support the bladder, back passage and vagina can feel weaker than usual during pregnancy. And weak pelvic floor muscles can increase the risk of developing stress incontinence. So, the third one in these pregnant woman tips is strengthening those muscles by performing pelvic floor exercises (widely known as Kegels as well).


Last but not the least one in these healthy tips for pregnant women is keeping a tab on health on a daily basis to ensure that pregnancy is staying on the right track.


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