Why Jesus sacrificed His life to save humanity

Jesus’ sacrifice – it was necessary to appease God’s wrath and ensure atonement for all human sins


Why Jesus sacrificed His life to save humanity


Jesus was the son of God. That’s why He is given several distinctive titles by the Scriptures such as our Savior (1 John 4:14), and our Passover (1 Corinthians 5:7), among others. Despite living a life of obedience and purity, Jesus on the cross cuts a horrifying picture. Perhaps this is what makes many ask why Jesus sacrificed his life. To answer, Jesus’ sacrifice was atonement for all human sins.

To understand why Jesus died for us, it’s important to know how humans angered God. By disobeying God’s law, humans became separated from the Supreme Power and brought upon themselves untold pain and misery, which would eventually take them to the ultimate penalty – death. But the demand of divine justice was too heavy and almost impossible to be paid by the humans in order to heal themselves. That’s’ why Jesus, who lived a pure life in the human flesh, chose to die as a sacrifice for the sins of humanity. Since He was the eternal creator of all life forms (including the humans), Jesus’ life was of greater value than all human life combined together. This was the reason why Jesus sacrificed his life as it was the adequate penalty for all sins of the mankind. And it was through this penalty that He paid for all humans’ sins, thus making the sins being forgiven and freeing humans from the inevitable death penalty. Since humans know about the horrible suffering that Jesus endured, they can understand the scale of all the sins that they made and what an epic sacrifice the son of God made on their behalf.


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