Why consider every day is a gift

Every day is a gift from God – why you should be eternally grateful to Him and live every day fully


Why consider every day is a gift


Earth was once dark, empty and formless (Genesis 1:2). It was God who created the light along with the land, the atmosphere, the water and life. From the fishes in water to the birds in the air to the humans – the crown of God’s creation, everything was His doing (Genesis 2). That’s why someone should take his/her life on this planet to be his gift to us and use it judiciously. While every day is a gift from God, living the life according to His plan could be humans’ gift to the Almighty.

Since everyone will live the earthly life just once, it’s important to make it count and believe that every brand new day is a gift. The Scriptures indicate how rapidly someone’s sojourn on this earth will pass. Moses indicated this by talking about man’s limited days on this earth after which he will fly away (Psalm 90:10).  But instead of thinking about the short time someone has been given on this earth, he/she should be happy as every day is a gift. He/she should be thankful for this great life from God, spend time in His company, and know his/her life’s purpose to live fully.

Everyone is His children and should consider it as the absolute privilege to serve as His spokesperson for life. Yet, humans may have temptations similar to that of Adam and Eve – the first parents, which may give rise to disbelief, doubt, and misinterpretation in them. The only way to salvation is to trust God fully and be guided by Him to realize why every day is a gift. Additionally, everyone should praise Him for how wonderfully He has created humans and given them this gift of life (Psalm 139: 14). After all, every day is a gift from the Lord.



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