Prayer, Conversations with God

prayer, conversations with God

I can remember praying to God from a very young age. It felt more like I was just talking with Him. And I had no doubt that God was listening to my words. In fact, I did not question it at all.  Even when I did not receive the answer that I was expecting, I did not get mad at God. With childlike faith I just continued to pray and I knew that He would hear me.


When I was young my family situation could be very upsetting at times. There was so much tension and arguing, and there were very loud interactions. I had no idea what it was about. So, I just asked God to fix it.


I don’t think that I have ever lost that childlike faith. To this day, I know that when I believe and pray for a specific thing, He hears me.


It really is remarkable because I can sometimes feel so overwhelmed by the seriousness of my request. But of this I am confident: God will work out every detail. I then have to make the decision not to worry about how He works it out. I just have to remember that He is in the process and sometimes it takes more time and I just have to be patient.


For instance someone very close to me had been given a terrible prognosis and at the time it did not look hopeful. I prayed with such anguish in my heart that I thought my heart would break. I read every scripture on healing in the Bible. “By whose [Jesus’s] stripes you were healed” (1 Pet. 2:24). It meant that it was already done. That is just one of many that I would write out and repeat aloud in my prayers every day. I was so anxious to hear from God about this. I cried and I prayed and I prayed and I cried. Then very early one morning I heard this soft whisper saying, “She will live and not die.”


I never stopped praying for her but my prayers took on a new direction because of hearing those words in my spirit. Not only did God hear my prayer, He also answered me. It was still a very difficult journey for her. But today she free of that death grip and full of life.


I know that God is interested in every detail of my life. I never stop talking with God in prayer.

Praying is not a light thing. It is a serious conversation with the only One who can affect every situation in life. I see life though hopeful eyes.


The most profound thing that I have learned is this. Prayer changes me because I have just spent time with God and that changes me from the inside out.


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