What to wear when you’re pregnant

Top three tips for buying comfortable pregnancy wear knowing which is an absolute necessity for every would-be mom

What to wear when you’re pregnant

Buying pregnancy clothes doesn’t mean bringing home shapeless attire. A little bit of search on the internet would display several options if someone is curious about how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes. Even if one opts for pregnancy wear, she will get a lot of stylish choices to take her pick from. Would-be moms often wonder what to wear when you’re pregnant and how to make the right choice. Here are top three tips to choose the right clothes as one gets ready to welcome her child in this world.


  1. Wear natural fibers

One should try to wear clothes made of natural fiber as much as she can. Breathable and loose cotton clothes that are skin-friendly and absorb sweat to keep the would-be mom cool could be the best bet.


  1. Bring variety with an eye on comfort

Instead of shapeless dresses, one should opt for tunics, maxi dresses, long tank tops, chunky and unstructured cardigans, and classic shift dresses having a slight A-line. She can even opt for wraparounds, or skirts/pants that have a drawstring (not belt or elastic) for fastening. The key is to dress stylishly while ensuring utmost comfort.


  1. Get the growing belly some support

The would-be mom should wear clothes that give plenty of support to her growing belly as well as around her waist, which would make her more comfortable. In case one wears dresses or pants with elastic at the waistline, she should make sure they are loose and don’t restrict the blood flow to the stomach or hinder the baby’s movement.


Perhaps every would-be mom now has a better idea of what to wear when you’re pregnant.



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